Coaching Programs

We also offer American coaches the ultimate in Spanish soccer, adventure, and culture. ESS has coach-specific training programs in San Sebastian and Barcelona, coaching tours throughout San Sebastian, and a club partnership deal with the legendary Antiguoko KE, which is partnered with Real Sociedad (the club that produced Xabi Alanso and Mikel Arteta).

The ESS Basque Coaching Tour gives American coaches a unique look into the academies and 1st-tier teams of five Basque clubs, complete with 1st-tier team training, lectures, field sessions, and a La Liga match.  Working with Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao, Antiguoko KE, CD Basconia, and Real Union, the tour provides coaches with a deeply informative and insightful hands-on experience with the different clubs, philosophies, and playing styles that make Basque football so unique and distinctive. 

The ESS Basque Coaching Course and ID Camp is the combination of a coaching tour for American college coaches and an ID Camp for Spanish players interested in attending university in the United States. Coaches see players in training and attend games at the camp with local academy teams, while watching La Liga club Real Sociedad go through a cycle in between La Liga matches.